About Us

What better fun than enjoying the great outdoors, combining the river and a round of golf.

Here in Clayton, we have a great love for our river and we also have beautiful land that we get to enjoy so that is why we combined the two!  So it’s mini golf.. it’s fun golf, easy golf, the kind of golf you can enjoy with family members of all ages!! It’s golf that you can send your kids out to enjoy the day with each other.  We are a Family Entertainment Center, offering The Pirate Ship Treasure Dig, The River Mining Co., and a State of the Art Driving Range, and there’s more! It’s a place where every age can have fun and learn about the cool things on the St. Lawrence River, fun facts and trivia, see artifacts from the river, actual granite rocks that were blasted from the bottom of the St Lawrence, one of the biggest rocks you’ll see, its like a small island! Let your kids explore  and find treasures like Capt Bill Johnston, while you can relax looking out at our beautiful open fields. Here at River Golf Adventures we know how to have fun, we will make your visit memorable!